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Miami Escorts

The sexy, super escorts in Miami are a sight to see. They join swinger clubs and aim to hook up with rich guys who can offer them a life of helicopter rides, boats, and money.

They also take their business cards everywhere, hoping to pass them out to some important client. They’re the materialistic type.

Sexy Girls

Sexy girls are attractive women with a body that is well-shaped, full of curves and possess an air of sexiness. They also tend to be flirtatious and confident. These girls typically work in massage parlors or strip clubs, which are safer and higher paying than streetwalking.

There are many sexy girls in Miami, and they are open to hooking up with men from all walks of life. They often attend swinger parties with the aim of finding a wealthy millionaire to date who can spoil them with helicopter rides, yachts and drugs. They may also be found in upscale escort agencies, where they offer services for high-end clients.

Gold Diggers

Miami has a lot of girls who love money and are known as gold diggers. These women are often seen hanging out at South Beach and the top clubs. They are looking for millionaires to lavish them with expensive gifts and fulfill their materialistic dreams.

This trope usually refers to females who are more interested in a man’s financial status than his character. They will use flattery and other manipulative techniques to entice men into giving them their money.

If you notice that a girl only cares about your money, avoid her. It’s best to find another woman who will appreciate your value as a person and not just as an ATM machine.

Older Ladies

Older ladies have a reputation for being boring and old-fashioned, but this isn’t always true. They can be just as exciting as their younger counterparts and are often very attractive. They also have a lot of experience and are very good at what they do.

These girls are usually very well-educated and know how to please a man. They are perfect companions for a night of fun and excitement. They are open-minded and will fulfil any kinky fantasies you may have.


It’s not unusual for travelers to seek escort services in Miami. They usually do so because the police are less likely to intervene in their activities if they meet inside strip clubs or massage parlors. They also can avoid paying higher streetwalking fees, which are typically $15 per act. Streetwalking is down in Miami, but it’s still a lucrative business for some girls.

There is a private escort agency in Miami that cater to VIP clients. They specialize in different body types and races, from perfect 10 Russian dolls to stacked Ebony women. Some girls even offer sexy travel packages. These girls are ideal for yacht parties and high-end business clients.

Business Type Girls

Many of the girls in Miami are business type girls who work hard and play hard. They don’t care about the sex life but rather a fast track to success. These girls often hang out at the finest hotels and restaurants as hostesses or in their own posh clubs. They take their business cards everywhere and even to the restrooms in order to hand them out to any high-profile client they may run into. They join swinger parties with the aim of finding a rich guy who can give them a life of helicopter rides, yachts and loads of money. These girls are also known as daddy’s girls.

Tinder Girls

Miami is home to girls from a variety of backgrounds, some of which are working as escorts. From perfect 10 Russian dolls to stacked Ebony women, there’s no shortage of options. However, if you’re looking for something more discreet, you’ll want to consider a reputable escort agency.

These agencies offer Miami escorts you won’t find in strip clubs, and they charge a bit more but still less than traditional hookers. You can also find women on Tinder, although the competition is stiff. Some of these girls are gold diggers looking for rich men to give them the lifestyle they desire: helicopter rides, yachts, and drugs.

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