What are the best sex positions after birth?

College escorts say that Having sex after birth can be interesting and a little scary for you. The main question that struck every time you think of sex after birth is whether it is safe or not and if you have cesarean delivery then these questions become more important as your abdomen got cut and sealed with stitches.

According to escorts, sex after birth comes with its own new challenges and every woman has a different recovery rate thus some women engage in sex sooner after birth while other waits for a very long time.

super busty escorts, on the other hand, prefer to wait for 6-8 weeks after birth to get fully recovered and get ready for sexual intercourse again.

There are some of the best sex positions after childbirth that escorts recommend using. These sex positions will make you after birth sex more pleasant and comfortable than other forms of sexual practices.

Escorts recommended sex positions after birth

  • Reverse cowgirl:-busty babes escorts recommend reverse cowgirl sex position for the first sex after birth. As you will have your first sex after birth and a whole year of waiting, reverse cowgirl is a comfortable sex position for females. you can have a controlled depth and rhythm while having full access to the clitoris.

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