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How the Arab Spring started and how it affected the world can be explained with the example of Egypt. At first, the people of Egypt held their demonstrations peacefully demanding changes in the government and the conditions of the people living in the country. When the people finally toppled the elected government, there were mass protests and eventually violence. This resulted in the Arab Spring protests that affected the entire region. How did this affect the rest of the world?

When the governments in the different nations of the region realized they could no longer hold the demonstrations without resorting to violence, they had to resort to violence to regain control. The Arab Spring resulted in the governments of many nations experiencing a total loss of power. No one was able to claim absolute power and the will to lead became void. There were new leaders and new governments formed. Some nations like Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya experienced coups and others like Jordan and Saudi Arabia were not under threat of losing power but faced new parties.

This resulted in an international shockwave that reverberated throughout the whole of the Middle East and North Africa. All the neighboring nations were affected and some even went into deep political turmoil. The Arab Spring represented a sea change for the Middle East and the political systems of those regions. It showed the rest of the world that people’s power can overthrow rulers and change the political system.

The Arab Spring also marked a turning point for the region. For the first time in its history, the region got a chance to come together and band together behind a common cause. Everyone saw the potential of what a united front can do for the betterment of a nation.

This popular unrest and the Arab Spring gave the outside world a first look at what would happen when regimes collapsed and new democratic governments took over. This new political awakening in the Middle East sparked a number of events including the onset of the Arab League Tour. The tour was made up of 20 teams from Arab nations. They were touring to show that the region can get along and work as a unit towards a common goal.

So if you are wondering how the Arab Spring started, now you know. You have a basic idea of what happened. Now you just need to take action and see what happens. Hopefully, the answer will be a peaceful and prosperous existence for all concerned.

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