Best Sex Position For New To Sex

  • Girl on top:-escorts favorite position is a girl on top or cowgirl position as it gives her a dominating role while having sex. latina massage las vegas recommend this position for beginner females who want to have pleasure according to their terms as in this position, female dominates and rides over male sex partner.
  • On the edge:- according to top escorts, you get a better penetration angle and a close space to get intimate in on the edge position. As you penetrate in a standing position, it is easier to get deeper penetrations.
  • Spooning:- spooning is an easy sex position for first-timers, as according to backpage latinas, it is easy in spooning to get a close intimate cuddle action with deeper penetrations and a resting position for both partners.
  • The dragon:- the dragon is an advance position of doggy style where women lie on her tummy over some pillows and male partners penetrates her from the back having full access to her back and breast for more stimulation using hands. book a pornstar recommend dragon position for those couples who love deeper penetrations and g-spot grinding.

These 5 sex positions are the easiest and most pleasurable sex positions for first-timers and beginners. These positions are universal thus you can use them forever whether it is your 2nd time or 50th.

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