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My question to you is, “Why is my vagina so wet?” If you answered yes, then you probably have some form of bacterial vaginosis (BV) or yeast infection. The symptoms of these diseases are usually a strong odor, a burning sensation when urinating, and a vaginal discharge that resembles cottage cheese. And the vagina usually feels a little off-color and slightly milky.

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It is important to realize that these are not “real” infections, although they are commonly confused with them. They are caused by an overgrowth of a naturally occurring bacteria called Candida albicans. When there is an excessive amount of these bacteria, it becomes overgrown and spreads throughout the vagina causing it to be incredibly wet and uncomfortable. Some women also report that the area around the opening of the vagina is red and irritated. However, no matter what your symptoms are, you need to know the cause before you can begin treating your condition properly.

You can go to the doctor and get a medication to deal with your BV. But I don’t think that medication should be your first line of defense against BV. What’s more important to you is understanding why you are experiencing these symptoms and learning how to treat them so that you can keep your vagina dry and odorless. Once you know what is causing your problem, then you can take steps towards a solution.

If you are BVing because you douche too often, then you need to stop that right away. Douching actually increases the moisture in your vagina, which allows the overgrowth of the bacteria that causes the odor and other conditions. Also, using perfumed feminine hygiene products and sprays can irritate your vagina and make it even more wet. And if you wear a thong or a bikini, then you’ll want to stay away from those as well.

Another thing you should do to help stop BV is exercise. Regular exercise will increase blood flow to your vagina, which will prevent moisture from building up. It may also improve your circulation. If you exercise regularly, it will also tone your muscles, which will help you control your odor.

If you have multiple reasons for having a wet vagina, then it’s time to get to the bottom of them. The reason you’re having these symptoms is probably a combination of poor hygiene, sex with an infected partner, douching, and wearing underwear with synthetic fibers that can trap body moisture. If any of these are contributing to your BV, then treat them. After that, treat your vagina with a neutralizer such as PH balanced salt water or apple cider vinegar. The combination of these treatments will help you get the bacteria free vaginal environment you deserve.

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